Whether you’re an established small business or a startup, we can help you rise above the major challenges you face and thrive. Here are the services we can bring to your business:

Business Consulting

Because we’re entrepreneurs and have experience running a business, we see things that others tend to miss. In each project we take on, our goal is to develop solutions that drive results. In order to be successful, we start with the business owners.

How We Work with Business Owners

Most small business owners spend a large percentage of their time in the tiny details of their business. This leaves them with little time for the strategic work that their company needs in order to remain competitive and nimble. We work with business owners on refocusing their efforts towards working on their business. This reduces their workload, cuts down on stress, and allows them to get their focus back on the big picture. Our work with a business really hits a high gear when the owner is able to commit the time to strategy work without feeling crowded by the daily demands of the business.

What We Bring To Your Company

Our passion is helping you tackle your biggest business challenges by working to eliminate what is holding you back. We work closely with you and your team to identify the pain points within your company. We then present a plan of action to refocus your company on the most profitable and viable areas of your business. Our strategy focuses on immersing ourselves into the day-to-day operations of the business, but for only as long you need us. You can look at us as a fresh set of eyes - focused on helping you take the necessary strategic and operational steps that will set your business up for long-term, sustainable growth.

Digital Marketing

Most small business owners we encounter feel a sense of frustration and helplessness with the constantly changing digital landscape. The truth is, the average consumer is overloaded with information and as a result, has a shorter attention span. Consumers have also become impatient with traditional advertising, especially when it gets in the way of the content they’re consuming.

The challenge small businesses face is figuring out where their potential customers spend their time online and how to get their attention. Our Thrive Method focuses on building a connection with your audience. We accomplish this by distributing engaging content that leads consumers to take action. Our goal is to build trust and turn your audience into loyal, long-term customers.

We do this by figuring out who your most profitable customers are and why they buy from you. Then, we craft a plan that will acquire more of those customers and build lasting loyalty to your brand. A key component to building strong customer loyalty relies on the overall brand experience. We focus on bringing clarity and consistency to your brand messaging, as well as improving the brand experience delivered by your team. We integrate analytics to track performance and conversion rates so that we can see exactly what’s working and identify any areas for improvement.

Startup Consulting

When you are running a startup, your primary goal is to discover the right business model for your idea, product, or service. This usually involves you failng as many times as necessary to find out what works before you run out of money. In most cases, the business you start with is not the business you end up with. That’s because to be successful, you have to iterate your product or service based on customer feedback until you get it right.

Many entrepreneurs find this to be a terrifying and stressful experience. That’s why it’s vital to have an experienced partner in your corner to guide you and shorten the learning curve. What makes Thrive different is that we’re able to bring the wealth of knowledge and perspective we’ve gained through having started multiple businesses ourselves. We work with you at each stage of the startup process and rise up to the challenge.

Financing Strategy

When it comes raising capital for a small business, here is a little-known truth: Preparation is more important than network. That’s because a business that is well positioned can access financing more quickly and at a lower cost than one that hits the panic button. The key factor to successly raising financing is having a partner that understands what lenders and investors want and can position your business to attract the capital you need.

Having been through the fundraising process many times ourselves, we understand and appreciate what it takes to be successful. Investors want to see that the money they invest will allow you to grow quickly and become more valuable. They will also be interested in your exit strategy. On the other hand, a bank or lender wants to understand your risk management and the capacity of your business to repay the loan you’re asking for. We have the experience and knowledge to help prepare and position your company for raising the funding you need.