7 Secrets to Getting a Deal on Shark Tank

Getting a deal on Shark Tank will launch your business to a level you probably could not have achieved on your own. The publicity alone is priceless. In addition, the biggest benefit the sharks bring to a business is their network, which they put to work for you. However, some entrepreneurs get on the show and completely blow this amazing opportunity due to poor preparation or a lack of understanding about how the show works or what the sharks are looking for. This article will give you all the insights you need to land a deal on the show, from someone who has been there and done that.

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Adapt or Die

During my over 10 years of being an entrepreneur, there is one important lesson that has stuck with me: you have to be adaptable. That is because your business, at any given time is either fighting for relevance or survival. When things are going great, you are going to attract competition. Depending on what the competition is offering, you may suddenly find yourself in trouble. Even if the competition is not yet threatening the survival of your business, you will have to innovate to stay relevant - because sooner or later, someone is going to crack your code and give you a real run for your money.

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5 Terrible Excuses for not Starting your Business

It's fascinating to watch people describe their entrepreneurial dreams. They get animated about how their business is going to change the world. The truth is that all they have is a dream - an idea. We all have ideas. The difference between entrepreneurs and dreamers is action. Until you go out there and start that business, all you are doing is dreaming. The only way to know if your idea has any value is by taking the plunge and starting a business. That’s how you will discover if there is a market for that product or service you've been dreaming about.

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