In today’s ever changing marketplace, online marketing is in even greater demand as businesses struggle to be seen among thousands. However, not all businesses can afford to hire a Digital Marketing Agency for all their online marketing needs. DIY (Do it Yourself) online marketing is possible and can save you money and provide long term benefits to your bottom line if executed properly.

Can Local Business Do Their Own Online Marketing?

The short answer is Yes, but it takes time, effort and in some cases patience. To be successful, you will have to pour your sweat and tears into it. Fortunately, there is help.

At Thrive, we believe in empowering local businesses who have the time and resources to perform all or some of their own Digital Marketing services.

We have created the Thrive Digital Marketing University to provide a foundation in Digital Marketing to help local businesses grow their increase their online visibility, boost traffic, and acquire & retain more customers.

Since the world of Digital Marketing keeps changing, we will continue to update our guide as new techniques and resources become available.

We also encourage you to continue to research each topic thoroughly to increase your knowledge base as you execute on your company’s Digital Marketing strategy.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide, please email us at If you need help implementing any section of this guide, feel free to reach out to us.